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Food safety and hygiene measures are of greatest importance to our customers

Food safety and hygiene measures are of greatest importance to our customers

A survey conducted last year as part of the “Open Doors” initiative, which allows thousands of customers to tour the kitchens of our restaurants, identified that for the participants this is the most valued topic, followed by the quality of the ingredients.

Within the framework of the International Day of Universal Access to Information, we reinforce our commitment to transparency through the “Open Doors” program. Since its launch in 2014, more than 15 million people have had the unique experience of touring our restaurant kitchens to learn about food safety procedures, ingredient sourcing and quality, thorough order preparation, employee training and a variety of other topics related to what goes on behind the counter at McDonald’s.

As an industry leader, we are proud to proactively open the doors of our kitchens every day so that people can discover our passion for quality and appreciate how we take care of every detail in the preparation of our products, ensuring the utmost safety in every process,” said Luis Raganato, Chief Operating Officer of Arcos Dorados.

In September 2022, we renewed the “Open Doors” program to offer a better experience to our customers. Among the new features, we included a brief satisfaction survey for participants. The data we obtained from more than 38,000 polls across the region revealed that the topic most valued by our guests focuses on food safety and hygiene measures, one of the pillars of our socio-environmental strategy, our Recipe for the Future. Constant hand washing, surface disinfection and care to avoid cross-contamination of food are some of the standards that are strictly followed in the kitchens of our restaurants. Secondly, quality ingredients, order assembly and product storage were highlighted. In addition, after learning details about the manufacturing processes, more than 97% of respondents rated the quality of McDonald’s products as very good or excellent. This data is of utmost relevance to us as it provides an accurate picture of consumer interests and perceptions.

“At Arcos Dorados, we strongly believe that our customers deserve to know firsthand what is behind every delicious experience in our restaurants. Through the “Open Doors” initiative, we guarantee clear transparent and valuable information so that everyone can feel fully confident in choosing us. We have nothing to hide and we are very proud of the care and love we have for the food we offer,” said David Grinberg, VP of Corporate Communications at Arcos Dorados.

About “Open Doors”

Visitors will tour different areas of our kitchen with the “Experience Leader” to discover how products are prepared and what the work of McDonald’s employees is like, most of whom are going through their first formal work experience. In addition to highlighting the rigorous procedures followed by the team members to ensure maximum food safety and hygiene, it emphasizes that our burgers are made with 100% high quality beef and the local and sustainable origin of the ingredients. It also focuses on other issues, such as responsible food handling, the technology to maintain the perfect temperature of the products during the assembly process and the sustainable initiatives carried out in the restaurants, such as oil recycling.

The tour, which lasts approximately 20 minutes, can be taken in most of the restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean, in groups of no more than 5 people at a time and does not require prior registration. What are you waiting for to take your tour? Go to www.arcosdorados.com/open-doors/ to discover more.