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We celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month by highlighting the importance of diversity

We celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month by highlighting the importance of diversity

At Arcos Dorados, we strive daily to foster an inclusive workplace culture that ensures equal opportunities for everyone. Our commitment to this goal was strengthened through the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee in 2018, aimed at progressively enhancing workplace conditions to help employees reach their full potential; regardless of gender, sexual identity, age, race or disability.

In 2021, we launched the Arcos Pride Network, a multi-country initiative to promote a safe working environment for LGBTQIA+ people, encouraging their full professional and personal development.

Through strategic efforts, we have integrated diversity into our workplace culture, promoting initiatives in our restaurants like gender-neutral uniforms and restrooms, incorporating respect for diversity in our code of conduct, and maintaining an “Ethics Line” to address any actions that undermine the creation of a safe and respectful work environment for diverse people.

In addition, with the collaboration of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, we developed the Sexual Diversity Guide, a tool to raise awareness of possible biases, promote their elimination and implement criteria against discriminatory behaviors to ensure a safe and respectful workspace for everyone.

“We encourage authenticity because we know that diversity enriches our team and their work. That is why we contribute to the elimination of biases that could prevent the LGBTQIA+ population from fully developing their potential within the company”.

Marlene Fernández, Corporate Vice President of Government Relations and Leader of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Pride in Being Visible

During Pride Month 2024, under the theme “McDonald’s Saw in Me: Pride in Being Visible”, we share the stories that demonstrate how providing equal opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ community contributes to their personal growth and, at the same time, to the sustainable development of our company.

Implementing sexually inclusive practices enhances our employees’ well-being by fostering an environment where different perspectives and experiences are shared within a framework of mutual respect. Discover more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion by clicking here.