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About 100,000 young people have already registered on our free and open educational platform MCampus Comunidad

About 100,000 young people have already registered on our free and open educational platform MCampus Comunidad

Less than two years after the launch of our online educational platform MCampus Comunidad, we have already surpassed 100,000 registrations and provided more than 2 million hours of learning. In this way, people from all over the region had the opportunity to be trained 100% remotely and free of charge, accessing certifications in a wide range of courses that favor a better preparation for the working world. The massive reach of this platform represents a major step forward in our goal of providing training opportunities and improving young people’s prospects of entering the labor market.

With more than 50% of employees under the age of 24 working in our restaurants, we actively support the professional development of young people in the region, as this is one of the main purposes of our “Recipe of the Future” socio-environmental strategy.

“We strongly believe in young people and their potential as creators of a better future, and that is why, in 2021 we launched this valuable learning platform, which facilitates access to education so that, with hard work and dedication, they can achieve whatever they set their minds to,” said Josane Julião, Dean of Hamburger University, McDonald’s Corporate University located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and responsible for the management of the platform.

MCampus Comunidad, besides currently offering more than 18 courses within its educational proposal, provides us with important data to know our students better and thus continuously evolve the academic proposals through cutting-edge courses and with the contents most demanded by today’s young people.

Among the most relevant data, it stands out that 64% of the people who registered for our courses do not have a job. Of this group, 50% are young people under 24 years of age and 85% are under 30. The figures allow us to dimension the value that this initiative brings to young people in Latin America and the Caribbean, a population that faces a very challenging scenario in terms of getting their first jobs.

Most of the students come from Argentina, Brazil and Chile, and 65% are women. Favoring access to remote, free and quality training for the female population is of vital importance in Latin America, where there are gender constraints that have an impact on women’s educational trajectories, often affecting their access to and permanence in the education and training system. Another noteworthy fact is that the most requested courses were: “Personal Finance”, “Digital Marketing” and “Emotional Intelligence”, three major topics relevant to young people nowadays.

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, available in both Spanish and Portuguese, the site offers a wide range of content that is continually renewed. It also offers training in partnership with major internationally recognized companies, such as CISCO, an expert in information and communication technologies, and PDA, a leader in the development of technological solutions for integrated talent management, with which the campus provides a complete vocational orientation and testing program.

One of the platform’s greatest benefits is that all training courses are officially certified by Hamburger University, one of the world’s leading corporate universities. With MCampus Comunidad, we strengthen our commitment to youth inclusion in the workplace and to creating opportunities.

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